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Karumba VI




Karumbajakarta.com – Mojito, stemming from a Spanish word Mojadito (a little wet), this drink is believed to have been made by African slaves working in the sugar cane plantation in the Caribbean, where the juice from the sugar cane and the mint leaves helped to improve the harsh flavor of the rumbustion.

Karumba Rooftop Rum Bar, offering five best of traditional and creative mojitos for taste of a Caribbean vacation in a glass.

01). Mojito
At Karumba, we serve our Mojito with freshly squeezed lime and lashings of mint, mixed with fresh sugar cane juice, a generous pour of Cuban rum, topped with soda water and served in a standard or Big Mama size glass.


Dirty Mojito

02). Dirty Mojito
The dark side of the Mojito, where dark rum replaces light rum to give a richer flavor.


Fruit Mojito

03). Fruit Mojito
A fruity flavour for your Mojito. Please check your choice of fruits with your server.


Falernum Mojito

04). Falernum Mojito
Falernum is a homemade liqueur recipe from over 100 years ago, based on rum infused with ginger, clover, vanilla, cinnamon and lime, sweetened with almond-rose syrup. So we use this liqueurinstead of rum to give this Mojito a delicious and exotic flavour.


Mojito Royale

05). Mojito Royale
The luxurious version of Mojito that mixes the classic Mojito of lime, mint, sugar cane juice and rum, shaken and strained into a chilled flute glass and topped with sparkling wine.

For advance reservation, please call 21 75 999 777.

Karumba II



lychee basil daiquiri

Karumbajakarta.com – In these hot, the thoughts and hearts of drinkers turn to the perfect hot-weather drink: the daiquiri.

Legend has it, that it was invented by Jenning Cox, an American mining engineer, when he ran out of gin.

He masked the strong taste of the local rum by adding lime and sugar, and then named the drink after a town on the east coast of Cuba (where he lived) circa 1905.

Karumba Rooftop Rum Bar, offering four best of daiquiris for taste of a Cuba vacation in a glass.

01). Lychee Basil Daiquiri
Crushed lime, basil and lychee shaken with light rum, lychee liqueur and homemade ginger liqueur.

02). Daiquiri
Jenning Cox originally made the drink in a tumbler or rock glass, where he squeezed the lime over the sugar, mixed it with a generous pour of Cuban rum and served it in crushed ice. Or you can have the well-known shaken one served in a cocktail glass, or the frozen one served in a goblet glass.

Fruit Daiquiri

03). Fruit Daiquiri
A fruity flavour for your Daiquiri. Please check your choice of fruits with your server.

04). Papa Doble Daiquiri
Ernest Hemingway’s preferred Daiquiri, whene he removed the sugar and doubled the rum, so it is more like a Rum Martini with fresh squeezed lime. And here at Karumba, you can choose your favorite rum.

For advance reservation, please call 21 75 999 777.

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